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HPDM MC Recs or ULTIMATE READS or THESE AUTHORS:READ EVERYTHING! (One day I'll make a list of the authors I love and the fics you should read of theirs in order of NAO READ IT NAO)-
FicAuthorRatingLengthSummaryRead it because:
Reparations & Foundations[profile] saras_girlR/NC17100k/ 240kHarry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places..Firewhisky lattes, string, your/my chair, talking cupboards.. .i could go on and on and on. There's also a bunch of amazing outtakes/extras for this world too.
The Venice JobNishizono ShinjitR/NC1726kHarry Potter was one of the youngest Aurors in history. He was the Boy Who Lived, and the Boy Who Lived Again. He loved Guinness and Quidditch, and hated pineapple. Harry Potter was also not gay.A million galaxies away, an eleven year old boy smiled and caught friendship between his fingertips.
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost[profile] bsmogR/NC1792kTired of only ever being the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter disappears without a trace after the war, leaving only a mysterious letter behind. Five years later, Draco Malfoy and his unlikely friends go on holiday and find magic where there is meant to be none, and more than they bargained for on a mountain in Africa.It curls and smolders like the smoke from an extinguished candle, winding itself into Draco's chest and head and making everyone else he meets appear lacking somehow. *sigh CURLSMOLDER and the mountain and THE HAIR WASHING OMG
He Was He and I Was Bunny[personal profile] bryoneybrynnNC1737kThe war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?Harry is an animagus black bunny who worms his way into the Slytherin Dungeons and Draco's heart. SO SWEET AND ANGSTY AND WONDERFUL
What You Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B. (After the Hero Kills the Batshit Crazy Bastard)[personal profile] oldenuf2nbNC1741kDraco Malfoy had waited years in hope of seeing Harry Potter utterly humiliated....It has everything that you could possibly want from a love story that hurts and hits hard with bursts of scathing wit and descriptions that verge on prose! I've NEVER laughed in a fic so much and felt so MANY things!
An Owl Named RomeoRickeyNC1726kDraco breeds owls, Harry's an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.Gay owls, pedantic Potters and Malfoys who mistrust. LOVED
Teach Me ,Life; Guide Me, Love[personal profile] kiraoharaNC1779kRevelations both painful and joyous set the markers in the path of every life. Thankfully, Draco has spectacular company for the journey.Eshe and Penha, Narcissa, life lessons and the manor and itty bitty Draco and its just.. the most wonderful Draco!centric fic ever. EVER.
Phantom Orchid[personal profile] dysonrulesNC1721kAuror Potter goes to Seattle in search of a smuggler and discovers a very familiar person in a quite unfamiliar setting. Is Draco Malfoy really who he is pretending to be?Drama, Action and HOT sexy times, sex in nature has NEVER been this good!
Of Fates Entwined: A Story of Love Lost and Found[personal profile] taradianeNC1740kHarry Potter vanished without a trace from his home on a warm summer morning in June 2004. This is the story of how a random visit in a cafe on the other side of the world, six years later, proved that the ties which entwine our fates together can never be broken.Tiny collectable blue vases meaning more than they should and antiques and Draco's LOVE for Harry going above and beyond *sigh*
Kiss A Boy In London Town (And Other Intimate Misadventures of A Society Whore)[personal profile] femmequixoticNC1740kThere's only one cardinal sin for a whore.A perfect blend of HP and Secret Diary of A Call Girl - you'll fall for Draco and the way he protects his heart, Scorpius is fantastic, Narcissa amazing and HARRY IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!"This is why I hate discussing my profession with people outside of it, you realise. Sex is seen as something dirty, something to be ashamed of." I lean forward, anger bubbling up in me. "To you it seems incomprehensible that I could actually enjoy being a whore. That I could be good at it. I can assure you, Potter, I am."
Make A Map (and There You Are)[personal profile] oflightsNC1734kAfter an Auror mission gone wrong, Harry finds himself stranded on an island, where his only companions are a mute house-elf, a prickly owl, and an insufferable git. (Roughly) based on the story of Odysseus and Calypso from Homer's Odyssey.I'm a HUGE fan of ALL of oflights writing and this was one of the first I ever read, it will HAUNT you its that beautiful.The Plants, the bathroom, the house, POKEY THE HOUSE ELF! Phoebe and all Draco's little friends.. and letters home.
Blueprints for a Dream[personal profile] frayachNC1723kHarry breaks Draco’s heart, but that doesn’t mean Draco’s going to let him go without a fightQuill shops, and past times at dingy places - but THERE place and Harry, Harry being such a bastard and Draco just trying to BREATHE through it all. Heartbreakingly wonderful
When Hippogriffs and Pygmie Puffs Collide[personal profile] oldenuf2nbR33kHarry Potter bakes cakes, brilliantly. Draco Malfoy inks tattoos, brilliantly. Owls deliver post, including messages from clients, with an occasional lack of brilliance.TATTOO ARTIST DRACO AND MAGICAL MOVING SKIN ART.
On A Clear Day[profile] saras_girlR40kDraco Malfoy is waiting for his real life to begin, and it appears that he’s not the only one. Coffee, charity, and the wisdom of the elderly.Another letterish type fic, but the backwards and forwards of this will keep you GIGGLING
Arctic Fox[personal profile] scrtkprNC1728k“Isn’t that Draco Malfoy? He keeps looking at you, Harry.”...he was suddenly struck by the odd pauses and abrupt ends to some of George’s sentences....Harry felt a lurch in his chest at the thought that George was still waiting for Fred to complete his sentences. the characterisations in this are brilliant, and every one feels so canon it SHOULD be canon.
The List[personal profile] tari_sueR23kDraco needs to get married before he turns 30 in order to claim an inheritance. With the help of his little black book and restaurant owner, Harry Potter, Draco dates as many women as possible in order to find the one worthy of being his bride.Draco's list of pros and cons for each of these women are HILARIOUS
Nobodies Ever Died of a Broken Heart[personal profile] frayachR10kHarry staggers under a burden of grief, trying both to remember and to forgetThere had been twenty-six vertebrae in Draco’s spine. Harry knows because he’d kissed every one of them. In Draco’s chest there’d been twenty-four ribs. Harry knows because he’d traced them all with his tongue. Draco’s femur had been whiter than a knuckle clenched into a fist. Harry knows because he saw it when it tore through muscle and skin and cloth.
For All That Ails You[personal profile] frayachNC1720+k“Isn’t that Draco Malfoy? He keeps looking at you, Harry.”“We have got to get you out of here,” he said, pressing the heel of his palm against Harry’s erection. “I have got to make you come.”
Says the Magpie to the Morning (Sorrow, take your own advice)[personal profile] femmequixoticNC1734kIt's terribly bad form, sleeping with your ex when you're still half in love with the bastard.I've reread this around 5 times now (jan'12) and EVERY time i think of the title I'll pick it up and read it all over again. The miniature and real life magpies, the wine, and THE FIC WITH THIS SONG THAT WE ALWAYS TRY TO REMEMBER!
Holly and Hawthorne, Thistle and Thyme[personal profile] bryoneybrynnPG1331kAfter the war, Harry can’t shake the feeling that something is very wrong with him and he has a terrible feeling he knows what that “something” might be. He has a terrible feeling Malfoy might know, too.Remix of the beautiful art by [personal profile] mijeli it'll BREAK you its that good
As Souls From Bodies Steal[personal profile] femmequixoticNC1741kHope may be found in the oddest of places, even in the bleakness of winter.Cricket, baby James, Hermione and Draco's friendship, the way Draco deals with death and OMG ITS FEMME JUST GO
Black Coffee on a Lonely Night[personal profile] femmequixoticNC1721kDraco owns a café in the city. Harry's an MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.the best and one of the FEW non-magical AU HP fics I've read, and it will own you by the end. There's Doctor Who, Matt Smith crushes, Daddy!draco and SuitedUp!Harry
Sometimes the Best Gifts Come in Small Packages[personal profile] frayachNC1722kDraco has a secret, and Harry is determined to find out what it is.“I think Draco believed he’d never find love.” She patted Harry’s cheek, but then she suddenly grabbed his collar. Harry squawked with surprise. “Hurt him and die, Potter,” she said. “And don’t think for a second that I’m exaggerating.”Pansy is brilliant and Draco's intimacy issues are dealt with so beautifully.
The Incredible Race[personal profile] dysonrulesR56kHarry Potter and Draco Malfoy, Aurors, are forced to join a televised global race in order to provide some free positive publicity for the Ministry, despite the fact that Aurors Potter and Malfoy don't exactly get along.a- its Cheryl b- its like the best of The Amazing Race with painfully pedantic Malfoy and EXTREME!HARRY, c - its awesome. the end
Turn[profile] saras_girlNC17350kOne good turn deserves another. Apparently.It's Nat and all her words are always amazing. Maura, Fred and George, BORIS! Draco and his OCD, Misu... the spider that is always there... *sigh* so SO good
When The Clocks Stopped[profile] vayash11NC1731kWhen the clocks stop the past gets its chance to catch up.time travel, window!sex of AWESOME, visually beautiful, hermione and someone you'd not expect but its kind of lovely?, darkish end of world feel, like a great mystery - takes time to unravel but LEADS YOU TO WHERE YOU NEED TO BE SO WELL!
Pocket Full of Starlight (Never Let It Fade Away)[personal profile] femmequixoticNC1746kWhen Scorpius Malfoy and Jamie Potter meet at Quidditch camp, they take an instant dislike to each other. Then they discover their lives are more connected than they could possibly imagine.mpreg, parent trap!inspired, quidditch matches, pining, jealousy, hilarious pranks pulled by unsuspecting brothers, stupid older males in loved
The Purpose of Rubber Ducks[personal profile] renrenren3PG13kHarry likes his job in the Office for the Regulamentation and Control of Interweb Publications well enough, but Malfoy's being a git and making trouble as usual. Luckily Harry can go home and chat with his new friend, the anonymous comedy blogger who's so popular with wizards and Muggles alike... Features Muggles, inter-office memos, house-elves, rubber ducks, 4am chats, and porn. Because that's what the internet is for.careerfest!fic, the cutest and best use of formatting ever, draco is hilarious, ron/hermione sweet, and really clever tbh
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

like I don't post enough... I'm tossing up between 100 songs that become earworms or something about music because its my most favourite thing or something else but I HAVE NO IDEA

(this looks like something RIGHT up your alley [personal profile] n7of9 !)
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Because of [personal profile] otta_ff I've been playing around with words in RPF Brolin land this week, and probably next week too. BUT we're here for the Rec's right? Right. (oh and I redid the layout here too)


Obviously, the Glee/Klaine recs that I posted earlier.





SO what's held your interest this week? Fics to rec? Things I haven't seen but MUST??
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I couldn't find the vid on youtube but its here in ALL ITS AMAZINGNESS ON TUMBLR!!!!!

I think i need to watch it again make that five times now
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Dont mind me, i'll just be on the floor FLAILING AWAY
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