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Because of [personal profile] otta_ff I've been playing around with words in RPF Brolin land this week, and probably next week too. BUT we're here for the Rec's right? Right. (oh and I redid the layout here too)


Obviously, the Glee/Klaine recs that I posted earlier.





SO what's held your interest this week? Fics to rec? Things I haven't seen but MUST??
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I actually stopped 1/4 way through reading this to PIMP IT OUT on twitter and tumblr because IT IS THAT FANTASTIC!
Draco is so detatched, so utterly cut off from his emotions and its this amazing blend of canon in HBP and new (obvs, it IS drarry) and O M G the sex? THE SEX! Harry and his burning green eyes bring Draco back to some tiny space before numb and the end? oh. JUST. GO. READ.

Title: break down your walls (you've been branded like property
Author: mentalistecbm
Prompt: 1.5. Switch it
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It isn't some heartfelt epiphany in the Great Hall or even sudden affection for the Mudbloods and Muggles of the world. He's sitting in what the house-elves have told him is the Room of Hidden Things and realises that he no longer gives a fuck.
Contains: explicit adult content: rimming; slightly HBP AU
Word Count: ~5,230

And then check out the other 'HD_Cockbook' fics including THIS by my gorgeous gal 'envy_venis'
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I'm as always going to have to put the list under a cut because really... i read a TON of fanfic in a month and this isn't even all of it, this is just the ones I remember loving! so for your time

bluekiss by [personal profile] leochi whose work I've fallen in LOVE with.

fic rec upon fic rec upon fic rec under the cut )
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The end has come and gone and I cried with a whole generation of Potter loving peoples. I've seen DH2 four times now and EVERY TIME is just as bad with the snot sobbing as the last. Honestly, Kleenex should pay ME for how much I use their product! In other news...
  • I finally updated... well everything! Lock and Key (drarry) has a new chapter and one in the works, Lying Mouths has a new chapter, one ready to post and another (maaaybe the end?) in the works.
  • I wrote Belt!kink of the drarry porn variety virtually for [profile] envy_venis, [profile] bsmog and my fic twin [personal profile] rmhale its HERE if you missed it
  • I posted my what once was anonymous HP Hump Fest fic, Whispers and Moans
  • The fic I wrote for [Bad username or unknown identity: nextgendarkfest /> will be revealed on Tuesday SO EXCITE to post that as ME sometime this week!</li><li>I have two kind of planned mini MC]
  • FESTS! omg fests out the wazoo! I signed up for [community profile] hd_holidays lottery - so thats a MAYBE to write for , I have a prompt fic to write for [profile] dramione_duet due in September *EEEK!* and oooh how I want to find something to do for [community profile] angstbigbang and then there's [community profile] nextgen_mas in September too! Oi VEY the choices!
Started a new job (same industry, closerish to home) and it has me working MUCH longer hours in the cold so GUESS WHO CAUGHT THE FLU! fanfreakingtastic. So that leads me to part TWO of this lil random update FICS I READ AND LOVED Drarry - I had fifteen reads added to the BIG LIST but I'll just put down the one's I remember from title alone loving Mix of Pairings - I've been loving the nextgendarkfest and a few from the Hump Fest too so pairings are varied here Got some good reads for me that I may have missed?? COMMENT AWAAAAAAAAAAAY!


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