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Because of [personal profile] otta_ff I've been playing around with words in RPF Brolin land this week, and probably next week too. BUT we're here for the Rec's right? Right. (oh and I redid the layout here too)


Obviously, the Glee/Klaine recs that I posted earlier.

Live To Tell The Tale by planejane NC17, Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur
Arthur Pendragon is dying. In a fit of spontaneity he decides to preserve his form in the shape of a Real Doll. After he dies, however, Arthur discovers ... he isn’t dead. Instead, he’s trapped inside the body of the Real Doll – only able to see and hear, unable to feel, react or respond. His reluctant owner, the shy and lonely Merlin, is persuaded by his friends to include Doll Arthur in his everyday life, but the situation eventually becomes intolerable for them both. Arthur wants to be real, Merlin wants a real man.
Why you should read it..: As weird as it sounds plot wise, its an absolutely beautiful read. Arthur!doll finding a heart he didn't have now he hasn't got one and a surrounded by friends but achingly lonely Merlin that just needs something to pull his life into order. The end was a little.. I didn't find it all believable but it was still a brilliant read.

Chest Contest by [personal profile] new_kate NC17 RPF Eoin/Colin/Bradley (rec from [personal profile] otta_ff
"If there's something I should know, it's probably best if you tell me now," he murmured into Bradley's ear as they picked their way through the noisy crowd.
Why you should read it..: My notes were simply = HE COMES ON HIS FACE!! HE COMES ON HIS FACE!! nuff said.

These Aren’t My Toys (I Just Play With Them) by [profile] misswinterhill PG13 AU Toy Story fusion Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot ([personal profile] otta_ff rec)
Toys have only a few duties in life — to love their child, to look after each other, and to play along, no matter what happens. Merlin is the newest Camelot Collectable in Johnny’s collection, and in between navigating the hoover, an invading army and the Thing under the bed, he falls in love with the other half of his limited edition run.
Why you should read it..: Possibly the sweetest fusion you'll ever read.

Fate Worse Than Death by Anon at the [personal profile] merlin_games R (for dark themes) Reincarnation!fic Merlin/Arthur
There are no such things as ghosts.
Why you should read it..: VERY creepy and a little bit STRANGE!

How Everyone Learned Bradley James Is The Jealous Type by [personal profile] books_and_crows R RPF Bradley/Colin
Bradley never expected anyone to ask how they got together. Therefore he never formed an appropriate answer, and perhaps that was the reason he found himself telling the story of an awards ceremony, a particularly physical interviewer, and Bradley's encounter with jealous.
Why you should read it..: this OBVIOUSLY is what happened, and is completely canon to me now

The Tale of the Teapot by [personal profile] moorishflower Canon PG13 Merlin/Arthur
A mysterious rabbit, a sick prince, an errant spell, and Merlin. Just another week in Camelot.
Why you should read it..: The right amount of angst, fluff and A FREAKING BUNNY CALLED PEN WHO IS AS ADORABLE AND PRATTISH AS HIS NAMESAKE!


Empty Spaces by Ociwen T Post Hogwarts Harry/Draco
An amnesiac is discovered by Harry Potter...(H/D)
Why you should read it..: A rec from someone ([personal profile] bookjunkie1975 I think?) on twitter that I'd fav'd to read and this one didn't disappoint. It's emotional, sad but by the end gives you a sense of hope.
and because if you HAVEN'T read it, you really should

He Was He and I Was Bunny by [personal profile] bryoneybrynn R Post DH Harry/Draco
The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?
Why you should read it..: I only have to HEAR the title and I remember exactly how it felt to read this for the first time, and I've read it quite a few. Harry is an animagus black bunny who worms his way into the Slytherin Dungeons and Draco's heart. SO SWEET AND ANGSTY AND WONDERFUL


The Cave by SassenachWench NC17 THG moment Peeta/Katniss
One-shot. For those who wanted more of Katniss/Peeta in their "cave". LEMONY. Slightly OOC.
Why you should read it..: because The Hunger Games is FINALLY coming to theatres soon (and I've also managed to block most of Mockingjay from my memory) A little piece of why we all read fanfic in the first place. THE SMUT!

The Heart I Gave To You (I Cannot Find) by [personal profile] electrumqueen PG13 Post Mockingjay Gale/Katniss Peeta/Katniss
gale, after the war.
Why you should read it.. Its no secret I love angst and I was completely undecided on who Katniss should be with when I was reading the series and this is just one of those ways to live vicariously through what could have been.

I've FINALLy caught up on my latest MTV love - I Just Want My Pants Back which I find utterly hilarious and even though the real love of Jay's life is SO utterly obvious (not Jane aka pants stealer) it still will be fun to see what happens to get there.

[profile] kiyaraven and [personal profile] n7of9 have got me into Smash which is UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! It's Glee for adults and SO SO GOOD! The original songs are out the wazoo and these people can SING (without autotune)

and an advert for THIS just came up on my tv

That's MY week planned out ;o)

SO what's held your interest this week? Fics to rec? Things I haven't seen but MUST??

Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2012 08:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] n7of9
i love Smash...even when i found out the main dark-haired chick is from American Idol, i still watched

i really liked this version of Great Expectations, the whole cast is great

must see...The Vow for mush (not epic, but good); Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is my pick of the oscar flicks; Shame is def. for YOU

did you see this :D

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